Christine Terrisse


Christine Terrisse


The Best and Worst of Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018

OC Weekly

Digital Campaign-Exclusive Listing

Pickled by Hattie

Melissa’s Produce

Dauzat St. Marie Return to L.A. with ‘Falling Again’

Hollywood Music Magazine

Bold Women Bold Watches

The Time Place magazine

Feature article-October Magazine

October Magazine (Pitchfork Creative Studios, Conde Nast)

Mailchimp campaign-Max Amini Slapshots Back to Vancouver

Max Amini

Morris Day and the Time

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Press Release for Hanalise

Press Release for Cris Vara

"California Brewers Put a Twist on Traditional Sours"

Erykah Badu and St. Vincent Shook the Hollywood Bowl

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Cartier 6 Page Ad-The Time Place #43

The Time Place Magazine #43

Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards Feature Article

The Time Place Magazine on behalf of Hamilton watches.

Concert Photography

An Interview with Abramson Teiger Architects

Exclusive Listing

Gucci Advertorial

The Time Place Magazine

OC Weekly Article-Charles Fullwood

OC Weekly

Designclopedia Advertorial

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The Offspring and Sublime with Rome–Music Review

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Johnnie Walker Advertorial

The Time Place Magazine

The Trajectory of Tyrone

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Exclusive Listing

Exclusive Listing, An Image Locations Company

Healthy Living feature article

Healthy Living Magazine, U.S.